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Water-Based Spray Gun

Uniram Water-Based Spray Gun Cleaners have a wash gun to deliver high pressure water into the paint passageways inside your air gun and a flow-through cleaning brush to remove water-based paint from the outer spray gun body. The cleaned spray gun is dried with an air blow gun and a spray out confirms that the paint passageways are clean.

AQUA-KLEEN PGC is a cleaning concentrate that is added to the water to enhance the cleaning effect on spray guns and allows faster cleaning. The non-corrosive cleaning solution effectively cuts and dissolves paint, enhancing the cleaning power of the water and significantly reducing the cleaning effort. It is also a rust-inhibitor.

COAG-KLEEN FP is a flocculant which removes absorbed waste paint solids from the water that has been used to clean your spray guns. The clean recovered water can be reused several times before disposal. The separated paint waste, when dry, can be disposed of in accordance with local regulations.

UM 120W
UM 7500W
To see Uniram Water-Based
Spray Gun Cleaners in action,
watch the video! UM 80W