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Aqua-Solv Solutions Ltd
Environmentally-Friendly Cleaning Technology
UK Sales and Service
Call Centre
01565 740600

Aqua-Solv Solutions Ltd is the UK Sales and Service Centre for:

Bio-Circle™; Teknox Srl; Sme Srl; Uniram Corporation.

We stock a wide range of parts & paint cleaners and their associated cleaning liquids.

Aqua-Solv Solutions are the UK Sales & Service centre for Bio-Circle GmbH with over fifteen years experience. Our staff regularly attend Bio-Circle™’s product training programmes achieving certification in both product selection and after sales training. To give you peace of mind when selecting a Bio-Circle™ product, we ensure you receive the most suitable and cost-effective solution for your needs, whether you are a Bio-Circle™ distributor or a Bio-Circle™ user.